Stopping Spam

I tried MailWasher for Windows which was great, doing lookups on blacklists and marking mail it throught was spam. When ordered to process mail it wrote back to the originator of spam claiming I wasn't known at the address specified and removed spam, then calling my normal mail program. While effective it proved problematic when receiving a large quantity of email over a longer period of time.

Being a Solaris bod I tried to run Spamassassin on my Sun box. This proved hopeless as I hadn't paid for the Sun cc compiler and gcc was compiling spamc (the client which uses spamassassin in Daemon form (spamd) incorrectly. I'm sure that given a month or a bit more determination this would have been fine but as it was I put this onto the "life's too short" pile.

RedHat Linux 7.3
I was forced to do a network install of this from my webserver as the CD in the machine I used wasn't up to the job. The network install was really easy and after an hour I had a redhat linux machine. My only concern was about the amount of memory KDE was using, I'll replace that with WindowMaker when I have time.

Mail::Audit  is a prerequisite to spamassassin, I also required Time::HiRes as spamd complained without it.
Spamassassin went in easily and I was suprised it worked first time.

Exim 4.x is not the version I'm used to but using instructions on using it with Spamassassin from here I had few problems. I did find that I was getting "unable to create lock file" messages which a quick search on google revealed to be something mentioned in a number of documents.

Starting spamd and exim from Redhat took me a bit of messing around but in the end the /etc/rc2.d/Sxxname appeared to be similar to Solaris.

Fetchmail arrived with Redhat, handily. It uses a ~user/.fetchmailrc file to control actions. I tested using -k to prevent it from removing the mail on the source. fetchmail -a -k caused it to redownload all mail, leaving copies on the pop3 server. Which was useful for testing.